Exercise For Life

Exercise, as such, is an activity that must be carried out from a young age to try to instil healthy styles. Going to the park, running, and a walk with the parents are important and contribute to their quality of life.

Children exercise in gym classes at school, during recess, in dance classes or football training, when they ride a bike or when they play hide and seek.

According to KidsHealth, among the advantages of exercising are:

– Having stronger bones and muscles.

– Be thinner (have less body fat).

– Being less likely to develop overweight.

– Being less likely to develop type 2 diabetes

– Having lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

– Have a more positive attitude towards life.

“Before the age of 13, it is necessary for children to take responsibility for the exercise, so the best thing in sports as a whole practised for pleasure. Soccer, volleyball or basketball. And they are not only important for their physical component but also because they help minors to work on intellectual processes of teamwork “, summarizes Dr. Sarmiento.

Physical work in minors should include:

Cardiovascular work: dancing, jogging, cycling, racing.

Strength: Work with your weight, push up, squats, jumps.

Flexibility: Muscle stretching, etc.