How To Ensure Bunk Beds Are Safe For Kids

Bunk beds are loads of fun for kids, especially if they do not have the opportunity to use them often. They are a new and unexpected part of their play when they get an opportunity to use them, but how safe are they?

If you have arrived at your rental property on holiday and there are bunk beds for the kids to use than you will need to conduct a parental safety audit to ensure that they will be safe and that there will not be any unexpected accidents caused by faulty equipment.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the whole bed is safely attached to the wall so theybunk beds for kids cannot tip. You will need to grab the uprights and give it several very firm tugs to make sure that it is fully secure. As you will know, children can throw themselves with force when paying and jumping around, especially as on what they see as climbing equipment that they happen to also sleep in.

If the bunk beds for kids are on roller wheels, then make sure that the wheel locks are on and safe. If you have any doubt, you may want to use something to chock the wheels so that the unit cannot roll.

You will then need to check every support connector to make sure that they are fully secure. If they are old bunk beds made from timber you may want to run your hands along each length of connecting ar to make sure that there are no nails, splinters or anything else sticking out of them that could cause cuts or injury.

Along the wall side of both beds use your hand to make sure that there are no sizeable gaps between the edge of the bed and the wall. If there are, is it large enough to allow the kids to jam an arm or a leg in there and cause themselves damage?

Lastly, you should lift and remove the mattresses to make sure that each of the slats is in placebunk beds for kids and spaced evenly, and that there is not to large a gap between them for something to fall through. Check both of the top and bottom bunks this way.

If everything is secure with the bunk beds, then have a look around the room and see if there is anything that they could fall on, or if they could hit their head on the door. If everything is safe, then the last thing that you should do is to get the kids together and give them a talk about how to use the beds safely. It would help if you also assigned who has what bunk, so that are no arguments after you have left the room.

Once you have completed the safety assessment and instructions to the kids, your safety check is done. You should now at least try to get some credit by telling your partner what a good and responsible thing you have just done, and so that they can mirror any instructions to the kids in case any disagreements arise over who has which bunk.