How to make your garage door safe for the kids

Having a child living in your home means safety is your top priority. Whether you are a parent, grandparent or someone taking care of a child, you always want the child to be safe all the time. 

Garage doors are always a great help in your home. Not only does it keep your vehicle protected from harsh elements of nature, but it is an added security in your home. However, you should know that garage doors are a threat to the safety of your child, especially if the doors are not properly working and if these are not maintained.

As you know, roller garage doors are heavy. If they are not appropriately used, or mechanical failure will happen, your child is in serious danger. Kids playing in your garage may acquire serious injury or even death from falling through the garage door. Since deaths from falling garage doors have been reported, certain organisations began to spread safety awareness with regard to the use of garage doors.

Here are some ways you can do to ensure that your garage doors are safe even when your kids are around.

Keep garage door remote away from your kids

You may have a wall panel to open your garage door when you are going out from your home. You may also have a remote control you keep in your car to open your garage door when pulling in or out from your driveway. Note that all these remote controls should be kept in a palace where they are out of reach from your children.

You know kids, they love anything with buttons. They love to control the movement of certain things using a remote. If you let your child operate the button and have them see the garage door open and close when pressing those buttons, you are showing them that those remotes and the garage door can be toys for them to play with even if you tell them that these are not toys. It doesn’t mean that you can’t let your children open or close the garage door using the remote. You can still allow them to push the buttons when going in or out, but after that, keep the remote control away from them and keep them in a place out of their reach. As they grow, teach them the proper way of using the remote and teach them when to use it.

It’s important that your child does not know where you keep those remotes as they may open the garage door without you knowing. They may end up wandering in your yard or worse, away from your home. So to keep your children safe, keep the remotes where your child won’t find it.

Conduct regular maintenance

You know already that to keep things working in your home, maintenance is a must. Performing regular checks on your garage door are necessary. Giving your garage door a thorough check can help you identify the parts that need to be repaired or replaced. You can also check on the springs, cables, tracks and hinges. Also, check on the parts that move when the door opens or closes. Grease these parts if needed and remove the dirt and dust that have accumulated over time. Also, check for dents and cracks on the door itself. These issues may not be a big deal, but over time, these can compromise the quality of your door.

Hire a professional to check on your garage door if you don’t have much knowledge on performing its regular maintenance. Getting help from professionals can help you spot potential danger spots and make solutions to get rid of the potential issues and help you keep your family safe, especially your children. 

Purchase a high-quality garage door

If you are searching in the market for a new garage door, it’s tempting to choose the one with the cheapest precise. You must work on a budget after all. However, not that cheaper garage doors are made from cheap materials. This means they are likely to break, get damaged or malfunction easily. Purchasing a garage door that will put your family at risk is the last you want to do.